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Mission Statement: To provide professional, respectful and courteous service to the public and its entities while producing an accurate, complete and equitable appraisal roll in a timely manner.

Message from the Chief Appraiser

Welcome to the Hays Central Appraisal District Website! We hope that you find the information on these pages useful and informative. Our office develops and administrates the property records and provides appraisal roll services to the taxing jurisdictions located in Hays County. Our main goal is to provide the taxpayer with a courteous and efficient means of handling the administration of their property assessments. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can provide assistance to you.

Property Taxpayer Remedies

The “Property Taxpayer Remedies” is a publication prepared by the Property Tax Division of the Texas Comptroller’s Office. This public information brochure is intended to provide the taxpayer with an overview of the process for determining ad valorem assessments and outlines remedies available to the public regarding their property tax assessments. This brochure is available in different formats from our office. You can view or download the document online, or have a brochure mailed to you by calling our office at 512-268-2522 and requesting a copy of the “Property Taxpayer Remedies”.

For additional general information on property tax administration you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Data Downloads

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